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You May Have Seen My Work On...

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Film School Rejects

An article showcasing an exhaustive video essay I wrote and edited for ScreenPrism in the fall of 2017.

In addition to writing and editing this video, I also contributed two original songs to the piece, showcasing my interest and skill in audio.


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A project I edited/contributed animation to for the ScreenPrism team exploring the themes and symbolism in the 2018 blockbuster "Black Panther."

This project is a great showcase for my ability to work with limited assets, relying on graphics, animation, and archival footage in order to visualize a narrative. This project also features a lot of parallax zooming on stills from the film in order to make the essay more visually appealing.


A piece I wrote/produced on my approach to editing that was featured on in the summer of 2017.

This project is arguably one of my personal favorite achievements as an editor, getting featured on one of my favorite resources for all things cinema. The video itself showcases a bit of my philosophy towards editing and my understanding of the medium.

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